The Blunt, cream white
The Blunt, cream white
The Blunt, cream white

The Blunt, cream white

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Brand: O'Reilly Surfboards

Description: This design was inspired by a Mini Simmons but has a lengthened outline, a wider nose and a pulled in tail block, creating a longboard. It has a wide, blunt nose with a slight concave which gives lift to allow for trimming and stability. The nose transitions into a rolled belly running the entire length of the board. A slight double concave is added just before the fin to loosen up the board to allow for effortless transfer from rail to rail. The rails are refined and soft at 60/40 to give you that extra hold in a steeper sections of the wave. This is a very forgiving and stable design, fit for someone new to surfing or for an intermediate surfer looking for style points - even a rider just getting into logging and craving some time on the nose - this ones for you.

Dimensions: 9’0” x 23” x 3”

Resin tint: cream white, semi-opaque

Deck: 6oz + 4oz

Bottom: 6oz + 6oz tail patch

Finish: sanded gloss

Tail: wide squash

Fin: Single, sold separately